Create Jobs by Encouraging Growth:

This session of Congress we passed the most impactful tax reform legislation since Ronald Reagan was in office. This tax cut has already spurred thousands of companies to increase wages, offer large bonuses, hire new employees, and increase capital investment. This is just the beginning of the benefits we will see due to allowing Americans to keep more of their hard earned money.

Stop the Tax Increase Culture:

Without action, small business owners and hardworking Americans are facing uncertainty about skyrocketing taxes, which makes it difficult for small business owners to plan ahead, grow their operations, and hire more workers. Washington’s tax increase culture is also injecting uncertainty into family finances. It’s hard for a family to know whether now is the time to explore new jobs or a new business venture if the tax rules are up in the air. We must give small businesses and families the certainty they need to create and take advantage of economic opportunities.

Hold the Washington Regulatory Machine Accountable: 

Federal bureaucrats are working overtime churning out reams and reams of new, burdensome regulations. The cascade of regulations from Washington is drowning out economic opportunity in our economy. Every day new regulations come down the pike and increase the cost of doing business in America. In the end, this means less economic growth and fewer jobs. Congressman King wants to introduce accountability in the regulatory process by requiring Congress to approve all new and existing regulations. Real Congressional oversight will ensure that small businesses have the means to seek relief from the regulatory whims of unelected bureaucrats. President Donald Trump has done a tremendous job eliminating unnecessary regulations that have been crippling almost all sectors of our economy. Also, in the House of Representatives we have passed my Sunset Act which will require all federal regulations to come before Congress for an up or down vote. This legislation would drastically reduce the burdensome regulations currently stifling economic growth.

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