Immigration policy must be designed to enhance the economic, social and cultural well being of the United States. I believe we have an obligation to address our growing illegal immigration problem. We must enforce the laws already on the books, which includes completing the border fence along our southern border.

I also believe we have to cut off the welfare and job magnets to illegal immigrants. I introduced H.R. 3580176, the New Illegal Deduction Elimination Act or New IDEA, which is legislation that would make wages and benefits that are paid to illegal immigrants non-deductible for federal income purposes. New IDEA would ensure that American jobs are going to American workers by immediately reducing America’s unemployment and result in the hiring of millions of unemployed Americans by cracking down on employers and illegal workers and leveling the playing field for law-abiding American employers and employees.

I am adamantly against amnesty, which is to pardon immigration lawbreakers and reward them with the object of their crime. A pathway to citizenship does exactly that. Their mere discussion of granting citizenship to those who have rejected the Rule of Law by entering our country illegally only encourages more illegal immigration.

Michael Stevens