Before meaningful reform of our national health care system can begin, it is essential to first fully repeal 100% of ObamacCare. Absent repeal, there is nothing to replace.

Replace government-run health care with free market solutions to create competition and restore doctor-patient relationships: Allow consumers to purchase insurance across state lines, thus forcing insurance companies from around the country to compete for consumers’ business by lowering premiums and improving coverage.

Protect and Strengthen Medicare: Medicare’s trustees have said Medicare will go broke if we don’t act because of the flood of Baby Boomers entering the system. What was the President’s response? Pass ObamaCare, which cut Medicare by $532 billion and handed a board of 15 unelected bureaucrats control over seniors’ health. These actions have only made the situation worse and have put the viability of Medicare at risk for current and future beneficiaries, offering yet another reason to repeal ObamaCare. We can protect and preserve Medicare for current and future generations, and we long proposed to do so without impacting those who are 55 or older. By giving those under 55 the choice of joining traditional Medicare or using Medicare dollars to buy a private health insurance plan that meets a minimum of Medicare standards, we can ensure Medicare is secure.

Enact meaningful medical lawsuit reform: Congressman King authored and passed through the U.S. House, H.R. 1215, the Protecting Access to Care Act. H.R. 1215 supports and has repeatedly voted for H.R. 5, the HEALTH Act, which would cap noneconomic lawsuit payouts at $250,000. The bill would save the federal government $40 50 billion and would save the private health care system much more.

Support consumer-focused health care: Expand Health Savings Accounts and convert them into Life Management Accounts (LMA). Allowing the owners of an LMA to grow their account into a larger fund that can serve as a reward for healthy living and be converted into a retirement account can improve every year of our lives through all of our working and retirement years.

Bottom line: Repealing ObamacCare and reforming our healthcare system with free market solutions will remove regulations and burdensome costs from businesses who can invest the savings with a profit incentive which will result in job creation.

IssuesMichael Stevens