We need to reduce taxes and excessive regulation on business. Business needs predictability. Right now, the only thing businesses are certain of is that more taxes and regulations are coming their way – which means their ability to be profitable and create jobs will be curtailed significantly. We must divest the federal government’s share of private entities like GM, Chrysler, and AIG – then return any unused stimulus funds to the federal treasury.In Iowa, we know better than anyone that all new wealth comes from the land. We also know no government bureaucrat or politician creates wealth through government services. My job, as a Member of Congress, is to clear the path for our entrepreneurs to do what they do best: - grow wealth. When we allow business owners to flourish, all of us benefit from higher wages, low unemployment, and increased opportunity. This is especially true in rural areas of the 4th Congressional District. Our farmers are technological experts in their field. Our livestock producers are the best in the country. We must continue to make sure they are working on an even playing field with the rest of the world. We have another farm bill already being worked on in D.C. where I've been heavily involved to ensure Iowa's agriculture interests are promoted and protected.

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